PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

The Padilla case is a gross injustice of the American way.

Los Angeles can't get the new cops it desperately needs to keep parts of the city from descending into anarchy.

* Tenet: Analysis asks, is he the fall guy? Is it linked to the upcoming Senate committee report? Also, a second top CIA official is resigning shortly.
* "Take Back America" wants to revive the left.
* World Opinion Wrapup on OPEC, the Saudis and the price of oil.
* Is China silencing Tiananmen critics?
* NYTimes has something to say on Bush's fiscal shenanigans.
* Speaking of which, is Bush pro-gang?
* Why were DynCorp contractors present at the raid on Chalabi's residence?
* Worries about the relationship between our society and its military.
* New thoughts on hoarding and obsessive/compulsive disorder.
* An interesting parallel between our current attitude toward global climate change and Europe in 1938.
* What the 'Arctic cores' can teach us about our climate.
* Magicians angry at exhibit that gives away the secret to a Houdini trick.
* FINALLY, we can combine annoying laywer shows with annoying reality shows.

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