PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Bebe is Officially Sick. I thought she had beaten the fever, but it was back today with a vengeance. Which means no sneak showing of the new Harry Potter tomorrow afternoon. I have to wait all the way until night! Le sigh.

(One of the other urchins in her day care has The Strep. If I get strep out of this deal, just in time for A. to go out of town, I will be an unhappy camper. Just an FYI.)

Today is last day at work (well, officially, last half-day, as I'm coming home early for aforementioned bebe.) Cleaning off the desk wasn't as hard as I expected it to be, and it looks like I'm only bringing home two boxes worth of stuff I don't need (mostly because I'm leaving a lot of old stupid outdated manuals on my desk at work.) I'd say it's sad, but really it isn't so bad. It's been dying for a couple months now, so plenty of time to get used to it; almost no one is left there.

City of Heroes news: I'm starting a whole passel of characters, to see which I like best (oh, and so I have more excuses to play with the character generator.) Tonight, I made a Magical Tank. Named Mr. Hamilton. He's very well-dressed.
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