PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

In an December interview for Moore's newest film, Nick Berg says he is concerned about security in Iraq.

Good read: Dan Froomkin on the White House's new wave of negative ads and infighting.

Bush sure loves the straw man argument.

Has Afghanistan become the forgotten war?

* Worldwide study of mental illness finds global prevalence.
* Federal judge rules the abortion ban unconstitutional.
* Author Barbara Ehrenreich, on feminist lessons learned from Abu Ghraib. (Courtesy Dona Quixote.)
* BBC Q&A on the handover in Iraq.
* Powell continues to press for information about the intelligence scandal. Trails still lead back to Chalabi, who may have been spying for Iran.
* Democrat fills Janklow's vacant seat.
* Government case against Padilla outlined.
* States mad about the administration's loopholes for nuclear waste cleanup.
* Forgotten papers in an attic lead to an amazing discovery.
* The impressive story of a D-Day photographer.
* Moore's new film gets American distributor.
* Kubrick: total pack rat.

Good read: Teri Garr's new experiences with multiple sclerosis. (Courtesy Velvet.)

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