PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Have I not mentioned the boss partay Friday night? A swanky soiree for Sailor Tork and Toltec's birthdays. A little hot, a little crowded, but got to see lots of people for a little time.

Saturday, picked up Red Queen's sister Boleyn from the airport. She's hanging with us (and Asheron's Call) for a week. Yesterday we metro'ed down to DC and hit the new Egyptology exhibit as well as a couple of IMAX FIlms, Cirque de Soliel: Journey of Man and T-Rex: Back to the Cretaceous. Both were 3-D, which gave me a wompum headache. The former was fun, what you'd expect from a CdS movie. The latter was pretty bad, actually. For instance, it didn't star dinosaurs, it had way too much plot, and bad plot at that. Though I did get to see an IMAX 3-D kitten and an IMAC 3-D bathroom.

Work is crazy. More if and when I have time to describe.

Fortune Cookie: "You are broad minded and socially active."
URL: The Thing is Jewish (Thanks JubJub)

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