PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Saturday was the Heroclix Galactus tournament, which was big fun. Per Goblin's prediction, I won Fellowship due to my selfless sacrifice in the name of bringing down the World Eater. Also, because I am cool.

Sunday, Norton's cookout. Conveeniently close to my house, and a treat all around. Bebe was mostly OK. She had a blast running up and down the slope in the backyard, which was amusing, for a while. Oh, and a couple people kept an eye on her so I could eat my ch0w in peace, and bless them for it. Lots of people there, highly enjoyable.

Bebe got cranky because she was tired, so we retired home, and for some reason, watched XXX. I figured it would be bad but, wow, it's impressively not good. Like, they didn't even try. It falls on the not-funny divide between a Bond spoof and a Bond ripoff. And if Samuel L. Jackson can't save your movie, then it ain't worth saving.

Monday was quieter. Swung by Magistrate's pad to pick up some of my toys he borrowed, chatted for a few minutes. Got some painting done that evening, which is always a good thing.

Also, finished re-watching Firefly. And just in time, as it turns out InDemand has the complete series of Band of Brothers available for the next month or so. Once again, my procrastination pays off. [No, I haven't seen it yet, but been looking forward to it for a while.]

This week... hmmm, nothing planned. Like, nothing. Odd.


Also, over the weekend, I read all the #1 issues of the X-men Reload thing. (Basically, they are revamping the X-titles, new artists, writers, plotlines, etc.)

Astonishing #1 is the winner for me, with the best writing (some guy named Joss Whedon) and the best art. Will definitely keep up with that one.

Uncanny #444, ehn. I'll check back in a few issues to see how it is doing. I haven't been impressed by Claremont in at least a decade, though.

Excalibur #1, on the other hand, had a couple decent ideas, but fell flat for the most part. And it wasn't too pleasing for the eyes, either. I like that they are still doing things with Genosha, however. But can Professor X anchor a title on his lonesome?

New X-Men: Academy X #1 is *definitely* shooting for the classic New Mutants vibe, and they just might pull it off. We shall see.

Still need to pick up Distrct X, on my sister's recommendation (as I am definitely no Bishop fan.)

Oh, and I finished volume 3 of Morrison's New X-Men run, and I have to say, I like Morrison's scifi stylings for the X-men, but I *despise* Fantomex. I mean, we're talking Gambit levels of dislike here.
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