PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Bush plans big spending cuts in domestic programs for 2006.

Questioning the motive behind the new terror alert. Since there's, you know, no new information out there. Dan Froomkin goes over the un-story as well.

* Jim Hoagland has five points of reality that Bush missed in his speech.
* Ted Rall knows why Kerry isn't energizing young voters.
* Maureen Dowd behind the scenes with the Democrats.
* Thomas Friedman wants an investigative commission to look forward.
* What the current investigations into the prisoner abuse scandals are missing.
* Kissinger phone records unsealed.
* NYTimes admits it was wrong about the whole WMD thing.
* Ehrlich wants to impose more 'user fees' (not taxes) in MD.
* Boston Archdiocese to close 70 parishes.
* "The curse of beauty for serious musicians."
* MTV plans to launch gay cable network.

Russian border guards ordered to smile.

Horror actor finds out he's an actual prince.

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