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Amnesty International condemns the US over rights abuses brought about by the 'war on terror.' Red Cross wants to know where the US is keeping the high-profile prisoners.

The BBC asks, are we winning the war on terror?

So, what if Iraqis don't want to demolish Abu Ghraib? Also, how Congress specifically didn't fund a replacement prison... last year. The BBC looks at other infamous prisons and their fates.

Getting weird: tracing Nick Berg's final days in Iraq. (graphic)

* WTF. Haliburton runs empty trucks through Iraq (Courtesy Agent Dieter.)
* As duties shift in Iraq, soldiers lose optimism and feed their doubts.
* Having failed to disband the Iraqi militias, now the US wants to work with them.
* Army survey says prisoner abuse was widespread.
* Iraqi satirists take the US to task.

* The current oil crisis has been building for a while, actually. But how much control does Saudi Arabia have, anyways?
* The UN reports 2,000 Palestinians were left homeless by the most recent demolitions by Israel. Oh, and Israel says they may not be done yet.
* Sharon likely to duck bribery charges.
* Let's see how useful the Medicare cards are with drug prices rising faster than the rate of inflation.
* Panel formed to examine judicial discipline.
* Local reaction to Bill Cosby's remarks show divisions.
* Ehrlich, friend of business, not Marylanders.
* The clouds of Venus may contain alien lifeforms.
* Nintendo is afraid for the video game industry.
* Goofy: "Christians look to form 'new nation' within U.S." (Courtesy Dona Quixote.)

Welcome to the World SWAT Challenge!

Local DJ learns to live with her epilepsy.

It's a crime wave, Swedish-style.
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