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Must-read: "The discovery that North Korea may have supplied uranium to Libya poses an immediate challenge to the White House: while President Bush is preoccupied on the other side of the world, an economically desperate nation may be engaging in exactly the kind of nuclear proliferation that the president says he went to war in Iraq to halt."
-New York Times

Neil Gaiman debunks the 'women rides a motorcycle through the Chernobyl zone' website and comments about Wil Wheaton's new book about weblogging. (Courtesy summer_queen.)

Howard Kurtz talks with Tim Russert.

Cultural shift: the impending death of sitcoms on TV. God bless those reality TV shows.

Fall TV to focus on escapist offerings.

Bill Cosby made a bunch of people uncomfortable at a DC event recently.

* Afghani deaths linked to military intelligence unit implicated in Abu Ghraib.
* Bob Herbert, on the truth in Iraq.
* Good read: Maureen Dowd, on Chalabi and his "bay of goats."
* General says we're on the "brink of success" in Iraq. Mark his words.
* Two new documentaries intend to fill in the blanks in Iraq.
* Another place Bush doesn't want democracy: Palestine.
* Russia backs the Kyoto Treaty (remember that?) to gain entrance to the WTO.
* Biggest threat to China's dictators? The Internet.
* Qwest struggles to hold its ground.
* Richard Perle, the ultimate insider? (also, graphics for the timeline and his connections.)
* Moore's new film wins the top Cannes award.
* Straight from our London office, a guide to Becksgate (courtesy prakriti.)

BBC's ten things we didn't know this time last week.

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