PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

And now, the end of Angel...

I didn't take my usual notes, but some quick impressions. I'll drop some more in the comments tomorrow, probably.

* Man, how I wish they could have built up to this whole mess.
* Not getting to see the Illyria fight *or* the Lindsey fight? Total rip-off.
* See, I figured it would have been Gunn or Lorne that got got. But Wes went out well enough, and it even made me like Illyria *more.* I miss Lindsey, though.
* Oh, *that's* why Lorne needed to leave after this. Man, the more I think about it, the better that part was.
* Dude, I would so watch a Harmony spinoff. Not that I expect Mr. Whedon to do TV for a long while, but still.
* Pretty damn good ending, actually.

Angel: People who don't care about anything will never understand the people that do.
Marcus: Yeah, but we *won't care.*

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