PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,
cheetahmaster editorial defends aiming for democracy in Iraq.

Attention straight married people: you all have to get divorced now.

A mass migration in China being called 'the second industrial revolution.'

Protesters set to descend on NYC for the Republican convention.
"We're a special city with special problems. I want the Republicans to loove us!" -former mayor Ed Koch

* Courtesy Dona Quixote, a transcript of yesterday's fine "Meet the Press." All big names, including a great bit with McCain and Biden. Also includes where Powell's aide tries to get the camera shut off.
* Howard Kurtz, on how the increased violence in Iraq is restricting media access, and why this is bad.
* Is the UK exit strategy from Iraq a promise or a hope?
* Brave whistleblower from Abu Ghraib isn't likely to receive a hero's welcome in his hometown.
* Bush fundraiser denies increased access. Story is bad enough without it.
* New study shows just how much money flows from immigrants in the US to their home countries.
* Attention tourists to the DC area: stand on the frikkin' right.
* Legality of MD's DNA bank questioned.
* THIS JUST IN: Spike Lee needs to be stopped.

Newsweek special report: The Roots of Torture
"The road to Abu Ghraib began after 9/11, when Washington wrote new rules to fight a new kind of war."

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