PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

THIS JUST IN: Republican gerrymandering in Texas worked.

New Yorker reports Rumsfeld backed the prisoner abuse.

Bush treads new ground with record-breaking fundraising. (Bonus: online tool for examining the spheres of influence.)

Postwar Iraq hasn't been a bonanza for American companies.

McCain and Lieberman pen "what must come next."

Pope to name six new saints.

* Israel to continue demolishing Palestinian homes.
* Thomas Friedman looks to the silent majorities in Israel and Iraq.
* Bipartisan dynamic duo trying to put some bite back into Congress.
* Justice Dept. still screwing up the Moussaoui case.
* Italian troops in Iraq were fired upon while they trying to release detainees who were victims of torture from the Iraqi police.
* The Post Ombudsman on showing or not showing horrific pictures in the paper.
* Bishop issues a new warning targeting the real enemy: Catholic voters.
* The new generation gap in Christianity: does a t-shirt serve Christ?
* US athletes abroad urged to show restraint.
* looks back at 20 years of the Cirque de Soleil.
* Shrek 2 a big hit at Cannes. (And, yes, they've planned Shrek 3 *and* 4</a>.)

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