PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,


* For those who didn't make it: $20 ticket? screw that!
* Admittedly, I didn't realize two of the bands playing were the Genitorturers (who have a couple decent songs) and Sister Machine Gun!
* Holly Hobby, rest assured, you didn't miss anything with Sister Machine Gun. They lost their charm somewhere along the way.
* I got to see a handful of cool people! But didn't get to spend _enough time chatting with any of them. Half and half.
* Including pictsy, who I saw for the duration of dancing for a single song, and then never again! Like a mirage!
* The place was *packed.* Which made me happy.
* Also, a *lot* more people prom'med up this year, which also made me happy. Next year will *rule.*
* Much time spent mocking various people. Oh, clubbing, how I love thee.
* Surprise carpool with demigoth who, it turns out, lives like a couple blocks away, literally a stone's throw from the day care. Keen!
* Got to see gelfjenn and wish her a good trip.
* Etcetera, Etcetera.
* Had to leave early, but still had a fun time. Must club more! Looking for cohorts to accomplish this goal.
* More tomorrow, possibly, when I sober up, baby-permitting (day off for babysittin'. I think it's time she watched Ghosts of Mars.)

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