PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Tonight, on Angel:

* Heh. It's OK to be happy, but not perfectly happy. So... I guess he's still dating the werewolf chick then.
* I like Spike as the voice of reason for Illyria. It's my favorite aspect of Spike, the best part of him as a supporting character.
* "fruity, unassuming vole"
* The book says "YOU'RE LOOKING IN THE WRONG PLACE." My first thought is, of course, "the father will kill the son."
* Hee, the cult can only talk about the new baby now.
* And now Illyria prophesying about the corruption of power. Fred who?
* Yay Drognan!
* Hee, Aragorn.
* OK, I *love* that Angel brought up Lorne's past as an independent operator.
* This change in Angel's behavior is *way* too sudden. I know there's not much show left, but really.
* So, plane tickets, is Angel scamming evil, or what?
* Crash Bandicoot!
* Oh lordy, they need answers so they go to Lindsey?! Wait, where did they find him?
* So... what if Lindsey made all that up?
* And if this means no Lindsey next week, I might cry.
* Lindsey Lindsey Lindsey Lindsey
* I'm sad that when they said 'Circle of the Black Thorns' no one said 'sounds scary.'
* Y'see, I was buying the Immortal being this power player, despite *never* being mentioned in the Bufyverse before, because they were playing it up for comedy. But now these Black Thorns are super-major players, and yet still, we've never heard of them before? Yeesh. Mr. Whedon needs him some comic-book sentiments.
* (Re: saving Angel.) 'He'd do the same for any of us.' Er, except Gunn.
* Hey, it the Archduke! And Fell! It's like a high school reunion. Or, uh, a 'this season on Angel' reunion.
* You don't walk away from this. Well then.
* ...sooooo, this means the Big Bad won't turn out to be Warren, Jonathon, and Andrew? Ah well.

Really, this storyline would have been nice... if there was any buildup. Like, three to five episodes worth. Even Glory got *an entire season.* And it makes wasting last week on the Rome/Buffy crap so much lamer, knowing they *weren't* spending the time building this up.
Marcus: So, I hear you're living in a tree now.
Drognan: The tree is the entrance to the Deeper Well. I live in a cave. It's... really quite pleasant.
Marcus: I'm sure it's a peach.

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