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Have I mentioned I have two overnights shifts coming up next week? And they're not lazy, monitoring the quiet network overnight shifts either, they're project-managing running around and panicking network-wide-changes shifts. Big fun. Oh, and they're on non-sequential days (Tuesday night and Friday night) so my sleep schedule will be majorly out of whack.

Let's see, what's been going on recently. Oh, right, moving and unpacking and that's about it. Waaaaaay too much stuff for my house, I will confess. I thought it would be an easy feat, but no.

I played Jyhad at the House of Lenore on Cherry Hill, and I didn't embarrass myself. OK, the one Gangrel deck was pretty bad, but my Setite deck was last man standing both times, garnering me a couple victory points. And it was good seeing folk I hadn't seen in a while (M, M, N and S. All old larp crowd.)

What with the vacation followed by the moving and now the unpacking, I feel like I'm missing out on getting to see my friends as much as I did. Time is just flying by. I still haven't made it down to the Spy Museum or the new Egyptology exhibit. Ah well. Hopefully things will start quieting down for a spell. And I will get to see a buncha people at a certain party this Friday as well.

YOU LOVE NEWS: First, a quote: Senator Byrd on the new homeland security department: "So the proposal was crafted in the bowels of the White House, cloaked in secrecy and presented by an administration trying to regain political ground. Those are hardly conditions that should inspire the Congress to rally around a presidential proposal."

The Congress is seeking details on Iraq. I'm not sure I buy this story on cell-phone "swarming." A report on the disconnect between the market and the economy. And an awesome opinion article on political extortion. But you know what the fall season on TV needs? more frikkin' cop shows.

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