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Notes from on the new season of Justice League:
"Atom's going to be great," story editor Dwayne McDuffie told The Continuum. "Warren Ellis wrote the first Atom episode."

"He gave him an interesting personality," story editor Stan Berkowitz added. "And then J.M. DeMatteis did the second one, and built on that personality."

In other Justice League news:

* Justice League Unlimited will launch on Aug. 7 on Cartoon Network.

* Andrew Kreisberg wrote an episode involving Booster Gold.

"The concept was Rosenkrantz & Guildenstern," Berkowitz told The Continuum. "With all this big stuff going on, here's a guy who's involved in a small part of it and not very happy about his lot in life."

[They also mentioned earlier this week, the final episode of season 2, "Starcrossed" (a.k.a., the Justice Society episode,) will be on Saturday, May 29th, at 7:30 pm.]

[And while I am here, the Teen Titans season has four episodes left, but they aren't on the current schedule. No, I don't know why Cartoon Network keeps goofing this up.]

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