PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

You've seen the meme elsewhere, it's here now. Top 20-ish songs from a MP3 shuffle. Here's a piece of the lyrics, you guess the song. Give it a try before you look at comments!

* I did judicious skipping for clarity and fairness. Noted everything skipped.
* Punctuation approximated in places.

1. "Walk in silence. Don't turn away, in silence."
2. "If morning's echo says we've sinned, well, it was what I wanted now" [Pretenders cover]
3. "Too much makes me lazy, not enough and it makes me crazy"
4. "She showed me a beach, gave me a peach, and pulled out the suntan lotion"
5. "Pissing the night away, pissing the night away"
6. "You keep samin' when you oughta be changin'. Now what's right is right, but you ain't been right yet." [Megadeath cover]
7. "He's a syndicated man with a cybernetic life, with an infoponic soul with his crucifying kind"
* Skipped the techno version of "Sepiroth's Theme" from Final Fantasy 7
8. "My fear is fading fast, been saving it all for you" [Marilyn Manson cover]
9. "You ever have big dreams of makin' real cream? Big shot, heavy hitter on the mainstream"
10. "And you say, go slow, I've fallen behind." [Eva Cassidy cover]
11. "be still be calm be quiet now my precious boy" [Leatherstrip cover]
* Skipped the Dsico "Love Will Freak Us" mashup.
* Skipped Prince, "When Doves Cry", because, dude, *way* too easy.

12. "To a righteous cause he raised up the peoples, inspired them to labor and valorous deed." [translated]
13. "Out of the corner of my eye. I turned to look but it was gone"
* Skipped the Smile DK song "Butterfly"/Pikachu and the Pokemon mashup, because, yeah.
14. "Nights such as this may find us here but once, so throw dreams away and never wish again"
15. "This is your life, our time. When we are together, I need you forever"
* Skipped REM covering "Have You Ever Seen The Rain?" because it's too easy.
16. "And fighting time so hard I pray that this moment lasts forever."
17. "You say although we broke, you still just wanna be friends" [Theatre of Tragedy cover]
* Skipped: Prodigy, "Smack My Bitch Up" since it has, uh, one line.
18. "And every word I say falls flat on the floor I try to tell a joke, he's heard it before"
19. "I welcome misery with pride takes turns in whipping me I bleed enjoy the fantasy and greed"
20. "Well the rock cried out I can't hide you the rock cried out"

Bonus: "I see you jockin' me. Tryin' to play like you know me."
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