PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Tonight, on Angel...

* Damnit, I was hoping it finally *was* devil robots.
* I can buy a lot of crap on this show, they get a lot of leeway, but frankly, some teleporting demon would be more convincing than a jet that gets them to Europe that quickly.
* Ah, shitty Irish accent, how I missed you so.
* Dang, Illyria can't talk to plants anymore.
* Filthy Gypsies!
* I hope this 'Illyria can change her appearance at will' thing gets used before the end of the series.
* Hee, fighting over who saved the world more.
* Uh, can we go back and see what Andrew's doing? It might be more interesting.
* Italian Wolfram & Hart: hee hee. The chick also ruled.
* But, um, why didn't they just have the Rome division handle it in the first place?
* Didja notice how I haven't mentioned Drusilla or Darla yet? Yeah, I'm gonna keep not mentioning them. I mean, I appreciate the Mouseketeer role call before the end of the Whedon beachhead on TV, guys, but really, you're just trying to shoehorn them in now.
* "Have you read-a his book? It's a life changer."
* I love the Immortal angle, as a side note. Probably a little more because we've never heard of him before.
* I *don't* love the fake Buffy stand-in, which RQ totally called before it happened. Guys, if SMG is still being a bitch, just write her out of the show entirely. Getting a blonde stand-in is just embarrassing.
* Playing keep away with the bowling bag! Solid gold.
* I'm glad they blew up Spike's jacket, just to irritate the continuity fans. I'm not naming names here or anything, Callico, just so you know.
* Oh, *goody,* Spike got another jacket.
* Angel, that's, uh, a nice, uh, motorcycle jacket? Or something to wear to the next anime convention?
* Also, Gunn and Harmony, thanks for showing up this episode, guys.
* So, they wasted one of the last three episodes on *this*?

"Wait a minute, I wasn't *in* Italy in the 50's." -Angel

Boreanaz isn't too broken up over the show getting canceled, really.

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