PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Disney refuses to distribute new Michael Moore film, in which the connections between Bush and the Saudis are explored.

More Abu Ghraib fallout: government groups seek to limit the public relations damage. World Opinion Roundup shows a lot of the world is comparing Bush to Hussein, now.

Oh, and: more abuses disclosed. Welcome to freedom! Mission Accomplished!

"One reason for optimism is that the overwhelming majority of Israelis - as opposed to Likud Party members - favor the dismantling of settlements in both the Gaza Strip and the West Bank."

* New report claims al Qaeda has infiltrated American prisons.
* 50 former diplomats think Bush is on the wrong course in the Middle East. Even the BBC knows he'll ignore it, though.
* Editorials looking to the future of the EU.
* What can be done about University of Maryland fans chanting obscenities at sporting events?
* Do the sexual side effects of antidepressants impair the user's ability to feel romance?
* How to change men's attitudes about health.
* Remember those people who were questioning the common belief that America is getting too obese? Wonder how they explain away the rise in kids with high blood pressure.
* Has science unlocked the mystery of jet lag?
* Turning true stories of science into Hollywood movies. Also, Hedy Lamarr was cool.
* Al Gore TV? No, seriously.
* New discoveries call into question what we know about the Mayans.

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