PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

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David S. Broder bids farewell to NPR Morning Edition's Bob Edwards.

Likud party rejects Gaza pullout plan. Haw haw! Analysis of the Bush gamble gone awry.

Don't let Congress make voting irrelevant. "The biggest difference may be that most of us - more and more of us - have almost no chance of replacing our representatives at election time, which you'd think would be the defining characteristic of democracy."

* Former Iraqi detainees speak freely about abuse.
* In more grim news, the oceans are dying.
* Massachusetts has a new list of crazy death penalty 'safeguards.'
* Report shows bias and hate crimes against Muslims up dramatically.
* Supreme Court wins one against the administration's environmental "plan."
* Talking about Iraq with Vietnam vets.
* Is the US losing its dominance of science?
* Can Bill Gates's optimism save the world?
* More evidence touting the benefits of breastfeeding babies.
* The last Oldsmobile rolls off the line.
* Drew Carey Show quietly fades away.

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