PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Whoops! Former Iraqi general won't restore order in Fallujah. But don't worry, I am sure Rumsfeld will explain how this is all going according to plan.

Amnesty gets reports out of the Sudan, and it isn't good news.

New prison at Guantanamo is a symbol of the problems of declaring a war on a concept.

Legislation takes a back seat to worst-ever Senate partisanship.
"Why don't we just go home... rather than go through this charade of telling Americans that we are legislating?"
-Sen. John McCain

* The spy game has changed since 9/11.
* Supreme Court starts writing the definition of our government.
* This is what the Homeland Security Department counts as a 'success.'
* Goody, food prices on the rise.
* David Brooks on the flourishing of 'sexual marketplaces,' and how 'hooking up' is replacing marriage.
* Montgomery county considers dropping its GPA requirement to compete in sports. The lofty requirement? 2.0.
* Congress wants solid numbers from NASA before funding Bush's space initiative.
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