PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Pictures of prisoner abuse by US soldiers bring court martials.

This just in: Cheney and Rumsfeld don't like al-Jazeera.

New study on prison boom nationwide has some impressive numbers: "Texas led the way, building 120 prisons in those two decades, or an average of nearly six a year."

Don't call it a comeback... Senor Snakehead returns!

* Paul Krugman, on the reality of Iraq.
* Bob Herbert, on the 'warrior fantasy' that led us into Iraq.
* Mexico, a country of kidnapping.
* UN having problems finding troops to secure Haiti.
* What, only 25 nations hindered by corruption?
* Leaking info about foes now seen as routine in the political game.
* Growing Pentagon uncertainty about utility of the sieges in Iraq.
* Hatchery-bred fish to count as wild, for the Bush administration.
* Public reaction forces a change in the administration's mercury plan.
* Specter narrowly wins primary. Is this a sign of the demise of the moderate Republican?
* Unspent rebuilding funds in Iraq being shifted to security and administration.
* Looking at the high-tech work behind the scenes of The Lord of the Rings.

And finally, as I mentioned elsewhere...
(courtesy Latinate.)

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