PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Tonight, on Angel...

* Wow, they're really making Wes sound like a cultist (not presuming to know what She thinks, etc.)
* Huh. Funny how no one really made any attempt to save Gunn except Marcus, and then Illyria does it on a whim. Go team!
* Hee, they let his work pile up. Jackasses!
* Ah Spike, what with the back to back 'dear Penthouse' and internet jokes.
* See, I said something about Illyria being the one testing them like last week.
* I *do* like Illyria these days. And man, she's got better character potential than Fred had for a few seasons now.
* Ah, Wes, the Betrayer. Might as well just get the archetype in writing then.
* Another scene to remind us why we need more Harmony. Organic cola!
* Cult subplot, big fun.
* Senior Partners don't want Illyria there. Interesting. Or wait! Maybe they're just *saying* that!
* Yay continuity for mentioning she can talk to plants!
* OMFG LOL BBQ Illyria just like killed everyone. They should so not go back on that in the next half of the show.
* Of course they go back on it, but a guy can dream.
* This week's running joke revived: speechifying!
* Say what you will, but Illyria makes a pretty good argument. I'm about ready to sign on myself.
* Also, I loved this episode... when it was on Star Trek. All those times.
* Man, wouldn't it rule if the thing that got messed up was rescuing Gunn?
* Hey, Wes *is* the betrayer! Haw haw!
* 'Not a dramatic difference,' indeed.
* Hmmm, interesting ending for Mr. Angel there, serving the clients.

Marcus: It's business, boys. Not a Batcave.
[Marcus exits.]
Lorne: Tell you what, I *still* like him better than Eve.

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