PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Dream Wizards, Rockville, Maryland, US of A

Dr. Fate V
Brainiac-5 V
Shade E
HDC Trooper E
Gotham Undercover R

I had to ask my cohort in crime to help me pick between Cyborg E and Shade E. I am very grateful I listened to him, as Shade's willpower made him a crime wave.

Batgirl R (with a bent base!)
Chameleon E
Cheshire V
Cyborg E
Mr. Bones U (I know, I know, please contain your jealousy.)
Rocket Red V
something else lame and easily ignored.


ROUND ONE - vs. Patrick:
His team:
Green Lantern E
Brainiac-5 R
Gotham Undercover E
Hawkgirl V
Kobra Fanatic R
Raven R

The short story:
Knockdown, drag out. Everyone converged on the middle. I foolishly didn't concentrate on taking out Brainiac-5, who kept outwitting my Prob. Control. Luckily, I took advantage of his poor dice rolls to correct that mistake. And once I have Fate with the HDC Trooper nearby, I could hit GL's defense. Nothing to reduce damage? I'll just cut right through it then. And once Hal starts dropping, he keeps dropping. Barrier? Lemme know how that works out for you, pal.

Towards the end of the game, I had to pick between what *might* have been a killing blow on GL, or what *would* have been a killing blow on Raven (who was on her support clix.) I went with Raven, in case something went wrong and he was able to heal up GL. Had I taken out GL, I would have scored a much nicer package of points. GL survived the day, but I took the


ROUND TWO - vs. Corey:
His team:
Nu'bia U
Brainiac-5 V
Deadshot R
Gotham Undercover E
HDC Trooper E (or so)
Raven R
Two Face R
(His was the biggest team there. Most people were at five figs.)

The short story:
Great player, which made this sad loss much more bearable. You see, Dr. Fate was my big gun. Dr. Fate is a range character, but he only has a six range, so I gotta get close. And when you do that, you risk have Nu'bia charge in, BCF for *six* damage, and then and HDC Trooper shoots for two. One round, no more Dr. Fate. Rest of team folds like a house of cards. I end the round in shame, having Brainiac-5 taxi my HDC Trooper around the board to avoid his team chasing me.


ROUND THREE - vs. Gary:
His team:
Barda V
Maxima V
Batgirl E

The short story:
Finally, an indoor map, even if it's the mall. We both end up at opposite ends of the central hallway, reluctant to move. I'm plotting the best way to phase back there. He blinks, sends Barda in, I take her out, then we clean up. He took a risk at so few figures, and took the loss.

So I end the day at 2-1, not shabby.


* Everyone who pulled Brainiac-5 played him, hands down.
* Lots of people seemed to pull Maxima or Barda.
* I will never again underestimate willpower. It made Shade a monster, and even kept the HDC Trooper as a reasonable threat.
* However, I will never overestimate willpower. GL sank like a stone, because he took all that damage naturally. Shade lucked out, what with the stealth followed by phasing.
* I never faced the Magog team (the only KC character pulled, among ten players.) He went 2-2 that day (and he's a good player, too, usually in or near the finals.)

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