PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Supreme Court takes on Cheney's energy task force.

Dan Froomkin's on the week with Cheney.

Good read: Paul Krugman on the behind-the-scenes story of Cheney and the Court.

* Wait, now Burma too? Is the whole world going to hell?
* March leaders look to the future.
* Rove's multilevel Republican marketing campaign machine.
* Brahimi upbeat on Iraq timetable.
* Finding room to bury the dead in besieged Falluja.
* Our NATO ambassador wants more help in Afghanistan.
* The changing spots on Jupiter.
* Programs rapidly shifting at NASA.
* Christian fundamentalists seek to argue against The Da Vinci Code.
* Special movie showings for parents with infants.

"What Mr. Cheney is defending, in other words, is a doctrine that makes the United States a sort of elected dictatorship: a system in which the president, once in office, can do whatever he likes, and isn't obliged to consult or inform either Congress or the public."
-Paul Krugman

"Don't get me wrong. I love living in Washington. I still think it is the least superficial of the interesting American cities, owing to our inability to experience sensual pleasure. But over the past few months it has come to resemble one of those decadent triviality pits, like Paris in the 19th-century French novels."
-David Brooks
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