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Discussing the national political split (accompanying graphic.)

Pictures coming out from the Falluja siege, and they aren't pretty.

March coverage:
Post coverage, BBC too. Plus a story by the NYTimes, and how it was also a rally to deny Bush another term. Stories from the march, and some pictures. Oh, and some pictures on a friend's LJ.

In vaguely related news, abortion opponents post gains. Some Catholics are asking if the Church is focusing too much on abortion.

* Will the US have troops in Gaza?
* Looking at Israel's use of asassination.
* No way to run a budget, no way to run a war.
* Negotiator asks, "why did Bush take my job?"
* Why the hell is the administration still dumping money into missile defense?
* The magnificent Maureen Dowd on Bushworld.
* Two Post editorials, on stalling in Sudan, and stalling in Geneva.
* Looking inside the Florida faith-based prison.
* Who really writes letters to the newspaper?
* I think we need more Muslim stand-up comedy!
* NASA ordered not to comment on the new disaster movie.

New book says atheism and agnosticism are as American as cherry pie.

Poutine hits the big times!

The BBC asks: is anyone still playing Dungeons & Dragons?

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