26 July 2002 @ 02:57 pm
With Red Queen moving in this weekend, yesterday was spent entirely by me moving boxes of stuff from the second floor to the basement. The steps were funny the first fifty times. But man, now the basement is full o' geeky goodies. The downside being, I was so sore this morning I slept in and got late to work. Bah.

Oh! And HOT NEWZ! Today, on the way in, I *thought* the traffic was slow just because people are retards who can't drive in the rain. BUT NO. It turns out, ONE CAR HIT ANOTHER CAR, and it was SO EXCITING, everyone had to slow down to get a better look. It was AWESOME.


But YAY, http://slashwrestling.com is BACK IN BLACK BAYBEE. HAIL CRZ!

"It's important to note that the "E" puts the Emphasis on *Entertainment* - according to the folks at SoundScan, the Neurotica CD - the first non-WWF-affiliated CD out on SmackDown! Records, the CD that has been given oodles of hype on WWE programming, the CD that included the "official theme song" of King of the Ring - THAT CD - out two weeks already... has sold... a *staggering*...... 2,760 units.

"Guys, they haven't even managed to push three thousand CDs out the door despite playing that song to death and giving them prime ad space during the shows. Now, whether this says more about the musical taste of our nation, or the music business in general, I don't know BUT I think has to go down as another mark in the column under "gee, maybe the WWE folks really don't have their finger on the pulse after all, especially given the fact that they can't even seem to maintain consistent levels *in the areas of their core competency* fnar fnar &c." I mean, we got the record company, the restaurant, the football league...do they still want to make movies?"

-CRZ, again, stolen from http://slashwrestling.com/

YOU LOVE NEWS: And *I* love Radio Sawa! Also, state lawmakers are proposing their own anti-terror plan. because it's, y'know, something they should have a say in.

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MP3: Lionel Ritchie, "Easy" (damn you Operative X)
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(Anonymous) on July 27th, 2002 08:20 am (UTC)
you should also check out the cover of "easy" by Faith No More.