PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Good read: Nicholas Kristof on hugging evangelicals and anti-Christian sentiments.

US "doomsday bill" passed. I'm kind of bothered we didn't have something like this in place already.

A new generation brings new issues and nuances to the pro-choice movement.

Bush and Kerry, a tale of two soldiers (from Kevin Drum's weblog.

Sargent Shriver's vast accomplishments in making the world a better place.

* UN holds up report on atrocities in Sudan.
* The self-imposed, political deadline in Iraq draws close, so we start subtlely changing our stance. Not that I'll miss Chalabi and his crowd, mind you.
* FOIA forces release of photos of US soldiers' coffins in Iraq. I don't get why this is an issue, other than politically.
* Questioning the cost of war.
* Rumsfeld likely to stick around for a second Bush term.
* Howard Kurtz covers the USA Today scandal.
* Paul Newman wants to end Newman's Day.
* What we now know about the Columbine killers.
* Personal opinions of the enlargened EU.
* They found Einstein's girlfriend's diary.
* Video games make for "awkward" movies.
* Author Gina Barreca takes over Gene Weingarten's chat.

"Weingarten's hair is a national disgrace. Seriously his hair is a war crime."
-Joel Achenbach

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