PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Today was goofy. Up early, mow the lawn thanks to the trusty weedwacker. Then, dentist. Then, home for a brief lunch, and back to dentist for a consultation. Tomorrow, oddly enough, dentist after work. Next Wednesday, guess what. I've been putting off for a while, I know, but man, I need some stuff done. Which is going to cost more than I need to spend these days, but hey, it's a downhill slope. Can't stop halfway through.

So, to make myself feel better I swung by Games Workshop HQ "on the way home" to pick up a couple bits for a conversion. I wish I had a better system to reward myself than more buying things, but there it is.

Speaking of putting things off, I really really need to get new glasses in short order. Tired of squinting.

Officially not marching on Sunday. I will be there in spirit, but the concept of bebe + stroller + metro + craz-ee huge crowds has won out.

Tonight, Kingdom Hospital. Tomorrow, smoking crack, worshiping Satan. Saturday, Heroclix marquee at Dream Wizards, and then, um, Punisher, I wager. Monday, wow, Book Club already. Time for some heavy reading!

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