PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Bob Woodward discusses his new book, Plan of Attack.

Gene Weingarten on the Pledge case. [Bonus: Baal, the Summoner of Thunder.]

Japanese lab creates fatherless mice.

Federal oceans commission has bad news.

The tough task of caring for the US soldiers killed in Iraq. (Courtesy angela_la_la, who needs a code name soonly.)

A new books serves as a eulogy for punctuation. (Courtesy Ivy.)

* link: Cuba drops attempts to have UN investigate Guantanamo.
* link: Supreme Court hears Guantanamo arguments.
* link: Kerry reveals lobbyist meetings.
* link: No Child Left Behind, unless you like art or languages.
* Two from our neighbors to the far north and east:
- link: Health minister wants to stop cheap beer.
- link: Also, girls do porn film to finance high school parties. (Courtesy, in general, Callico.)
* link: Searching for the lost fleets of the Persian Wars.
* link: Surprising discoveries of mutations in brain growth.
* link: New exhibit on the quest to perfect our race.
* link: Barbie sales down dramatically; Bratz partially to blame.
* link: That wacky musical Assassins finally makes it to Broadway.

Many thanks to my contributors, I'm always on the lookout for more news.
Any comments on this format? I'm looking for a way to speed the process up for myself, while keeping it from becoming an ugly, hard-to-read mess.

"The Pledge of Allegiance, in my view, is something you would expect to find in the schoolrooms of a country that NEEDS to extract a pledge of Allegiance. We do not."
-Gene Weingarten

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