PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Regent came over to enjoy tonight's Smallville and Angel with us. And surprisingly, both were pretty good episodes!

On Angel:
* Funny: Spike getting punched. Everyone wants to see that (though, for varying reasons.)
* Funnier: Spike being protective of his clipboard.
* Hey, look, Connor.
* Angel: Tendrils tendrils?
Lorne: Metaphor tendrils.
* Have I ever mentioned I love Sahjahn?
* And yay, someone brought up that urns break all the time. They might as well be storing him in a cookie jar.
* Oooh, and Marcus hinting at the Senior Partners' involvement, sweet.
* Man, Gunn turned down the deal before he heard it. Angst much, dude?
* I kind of like Vale, also.
* Now that he's talking again, I really really miss Sahjahn.
* Why is Angel worried about the fight with Connor? We *know* who is going to win.
* See, earlier in the episode, I said Angel needs to tell Wesley, because Wes is too smart *not* to figure it out. It's his thing. And Illyria isn't there by accident.

All in all, a satisfying end to that whole subplot. I was hoping they would wrap that one up before the end, because that was one of the prophecies we *knew* the end of. And Connor seems a bit better adjusted after his time-out (and thusly, he's less-annoying.)

Angel: You have to trust me.
Wesley: I can't. Not anymore.

Now, as I have mentioned to a couple people: there's this rumor floating around that the WB has talked to Whedon about doing between two and six TV movies next year. I'm not sure how well Buffyverse stuff will translate into that format, since we won't have the metaplot of the character growth. Don't get me wrong, I'll be there premiere night either way. But we shall see. (Personally, I would go with completely different spinoffs. Have one be about Gunn visiting his friends in Miami, have another about Oz running into some of the new Watchers while he's touring with his band, etc.)

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