PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Behind the scenes of White House planning for the press conference.

Good read: Froomkin's White House Briefing, the week in review.

* Iraq too costly? Let's spend a lot of money to train foreign peacekeepers as well.
* Looking into the 'shadow soldiers' in Iraq.
* BBC analysis of the Iraq security dilemma.
* Understanding Sistani's role.
* Its reorganization complete, WorldCom fades away.
* The Amish are relocating... to Wisconsin.
* Is there life on Venus?
* In the wake of CSI and Law & Order, more series spinoffs are in the works.
* Joel Achenbach goes camping... alone.
* Dave Barry has advice for wedding planning.

I heard it on NPR [Friday]:
* Scientific American journalist debunks the hype behind hydrogen fuel cell technology.
* An interview with George Romero on zombie movies and the new Dawn of the Dead remake.
* What about a babysitting co-op? (Marketplace story here.)
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