PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

The American people need answers, not sermons.

So. What are we actually doing in Iraq? Occupying or liberating?

E. J. Dionne, Jr., on when radical ideas clash with reality.

And why the hell isn't Congress speaking up on this nightmare?

* Reports of pre-9/11 warnings piling up.
* Maureen Dowd on the broken state of the White House.
* BBC opinion article: Bush's backing of Sharon's plan is a blank check.
* Mission accomplished? Military hints it will cut back on troops in Afghanistan.
* More from Saudi Arabia, our allies in the Middle East.
* Japan continues to wrestle with its past.
* Saturn probe gets pictures of the 'shepherd moons.'
* Can you do without TV for one week?
* The challenge of making movies in Bollywood.
* NRA sets up internet radio site.
* Prolific porn actors tests positive for AIDS.
* Star Trek lapel communicators? Now in production.

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