PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

anthology of interest

So, taking care of Goblin and Decore's cats while they are away this weekend. I go upstairs, take a look around for Eowyn (the eevil cat) and don't see her anywhere. So I go into the hall bathroom to refill her food, etc. And the cat, who up to that point had been stalking me, launched her ambush! I scared her away in time, though.

On the drive home, George Romero on NPR's "Fresh Air." Solid gold.

Forgot to mention, before the movie Tuesday, caught a trailer for Super Size Me. Oh, man. It's gonna be a train wreck I won't be able to look away from. The filmmaker eats nothing but McDonald's food for an entire month, and documents the effects (as well as going into some of the societal aspects, much like our previous book club reading, Fast Food Nation.) Can't wait. Also, I'm going to eat McDonald's right beforehand.

Karaoke is now on Tuesdays at My Way in Laurel. No word on if weekend locations are changing. I still think looking into other locations might be healthy, though Remington's still has a certain, um, aura about it.

Dude! Check out the Post's Veepomatic! Who'd you get? [I got Clark.]

OMG, it's a TV channel (sorta) by the guy who did Scud the Disposible Assassin!

And in conclusion... this says happy weekend!

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