PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Tonight, on Angel...

* Spike has a briefcase! With *beer.*
* Twelve minutes in, and it's a damn fine episode. Amazing what knowing you have six episodes to wrap up your show can do for you.
* Ladies and gentlemen, we have Adam Baldwin sign.
* Lorne's scene with the bartender was pretty impressive too, really laying out his character.
* Whoah, the Illyria/Fred dream was freeky.
* I'm a liaison. I liase." -Eve
* Eve isn't bugging me today, always a plus.
* Oh, how I missed Lindsey so. Finding out a little more about his plans, only makes it more so.
* Hee hee, suburban holding dimension.
* And let me note, Gunn is back in his old outfit.
* OMG, THE WORLD OF SHRIMP. I didn't even think that these final episodes are fertile soil for bringing back old running jokes. Whoo, doggy, the mind reels.
* "Um, is Lindsey home?"
* Gunn, you magnificent bastard. Have you been taking angst lessons from Wes?
* Speaking of, while I am digging the Illyria/Wes pity party, I would rather he/they were interacting with the rest of the MoG.
* Also, was Adam Baldwin always this tall?

I'm not sure I will be able to contain myself with the amount of awesomeness these episodes promise to contain, after this first one.

And in conclusion...

"Man, he *is* well-dressed." -Angel

In case you're not still bitter, let me just mention the WB renewed all their dramas. Except Angel.

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