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After a quick lunch of bento boxes with Operative X, we went over to the swanky new Bethesda Landmark cinema to catch, well, we didn't know what we wanted to see. We just figured there was some indy flick worth watching when we got there. After some discussion, we went with Y Tu Mama Tambin. It's a fun little flick, a little strange and very, very dirty (lots of explicit sex, right there in widescreen.) But it's good, and has some downright inventive cinematography. (Also interesting this is the director they tapped for the third Harry Potter movie. Unless the movie version of the third book will include a lot of explicit sex scenes.)

Book club was a rousing success, I feel safe in saying. We read A Question of Time: J.R.R. Tolkien's Road to Faerie by Dr. Verlyn Flieger one of my two favorite teachers from college. And it was good seeing her again.

YOU LOVE NEWS: Big day, big day. Turns out we're finally breaking off overtures to Iran. My fingers are crossed that this current agreement will end the bloody, bloody Congo War. They're trying to fix an embarrassing loophole with the new corporate crime bill, but there's some inauspicious ramifications. The new headof the Church of England sounds pretty good to me. The inter-web continues to evolve, as we look at how sites pay search engines for placement. Doctors are looking closely at suicide and the elderly.

And I could have sworn abortion was legal in the US, but it turns out the administration will set different standards for other countries.

Opinion articles? Kurtz is back in style watching Bush becomes Clinton-ized, one author challenges white readers, while another column uncovers a new audience for Mein Kampf. Finally, we tackle the nursing crisis.

(Does anyone like this news format? Does anyone read these? Does anyone care?)

Fortune Cookie of the Day: "Be content with your lot. One cannot be first in everything."
MP3: Juice Newton, "Angel of the Morning"
Quote: "I like to think maturity has many wonderful levels." SomethingPostive

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