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Author Michael Chabon talks about the First Amendment and youth culture.

45 years late, a gravity experiment takes flight. "In pursuit of their goal, the engineers have built the roundest balls ever made and the largest thermos bottle ever to have been flown in space."

The return of Doctor Who is the framework for examining the fears of fandom.

* Bush considers overhaul of intelligence services. Will we get a MI5-style domestic espionage agency?
* 9/11 commission has harsh words for Ashcroft.
* Bob Herbert on Scalia's sense of privledge.
* Also, Scalia apologizes, but still won't allow recording.
* Fallujah may become a rallying cry for Iraqi freedom fighters.
* CPA to seek limits on private security forces in Iraq. What, just now?
* David Brooks finds a 20-year old speech by George Schultz has good advice for what the administration should be doing.
* Paul Krugman notes the White House is *still* delusional.
* Thomas Friedman, on the need for discussions over Iraq.
* New problems flare up in Afghanistan.
* Unable to marry, gays face immigration challenges.
* Mixing voodoo and politics in Haiti.
* This just in: Marylanders still don't want slots.
* Changes in baboon culture when the bullies are removed.
* Hello, cyberpunk: FDA approves clinical trial of brain implants.
* I should have worn a Galaxy Quest uniform to the atheists' convention.
* A second face on the Shroud of Turin?
* GIs bring their own pop culture into Iraq.
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