PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Must read: terrorism and the war of ideas.

Brazil fights terrorism with... comedy.

* Analysis on how US missteps led to the current Iraqi crisis, as a battalion of the new Iraqi army refuses to fight their countrymen.
* A Republican Congress and president have accomplished what again?
* Heading off the next war - in Taiwan.
* Post story on the media fascination for McCain as a possible running mate for Kerry.
* Interesting poll on personal views of the presidential candidates.
* Spanish royals not happy about getting caught up in homeland security screening.
* First piracy makes a comeback, now cattle rustling.
* Respected sociologist holds some differing views.
* Watching storms merge on Saturn.
* Preacher says church play in which they whip the Easter Bunny 'wasn't meant to be offensive.' (Courtesy prehensile_wit)
* Straight Dope: What do the four symbols on Led Zeppelin's 4th album mean?

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