PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

During the day Saturday was a 40k MegaBattle at chez Magistrate. 9 players (!) It once again went well, the objective was a good start, but the preponderance of ranged attack armies on the good guy side (myself included) gave us a definite leg up. Discussions already in place for next month's affair (War Machine,) and how to improve it. These are run increasingly well, and help me forget how I am getting in like no play time for regular battles.

New trailers before the movie last night:
* Raising Helen - Not a sequel to Boxing Helena, this family comedy has 'maybe' written all over it. How can you say no to Joan Cusack *and* John Corbett? That being said, I may have issues with the feel-good plot. Garry Marshall isn't inspiring.
* Stepford Wives - Oh. They made it a comedy. Huh. Waiting and seeing. If it bombs, it will bomb *spectacularly*.
* Anchorman - Ye-ah. Maybe. Depends how I feel about Will Ferrell that week.
* De-Lovely - Wow. Lot of unrecognizable cameos in this Cole Porter movie.
* King Arthur - Heh heh heh.

In my old age, I am getting soft on movies. The trailers seem to amuse me more.

Either way, The Ladykillers was a treat. Not the Coen Brothers' best work, but well worth seeing in theaters. Also, this might be my favorite Tom Hanks movie.

Tonight, Easter dinner with the family at... Benigans. Ye-ah. Oh, and I get to reveal to them my employment status.

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