PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Today's headline: Built With Steel, Perhaps, but Greased With Pork

Does the tax code penalize singles?

Second-guessing the Republicans'... convention site.

* Questions from both sides of the fence as Bush remains silent on renewed violence in Iraq.
* Was the US backing of
insurgents a breeding ground for future terrorists?
* Parallels between the Iraqi occupation and previous wars.
* Federal marshals erase journalists' tapes of a Scalia speech.
* Scattered details on the missing pre-9/11 memo.
* Piracy on the high seas is still a problem.
* "No Child Left Behind" squeezes out recess and field trips.
* Remains of a pet cat... from 9,500 years ago? (Courtesy a couple people.)
* "This product is better than fresh. We start freezing it almost before it's dead."
* Straight Dope covers the Children's Crusade.
* Video game companies increase their presence in Hollywood.
* New Kubrick exhibit shows how obsessive he really was.

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