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* Seattle is a *young* city. The majority of people there look like they just got out of college or so. It's kinda neat, very refreshing, a big contrast to DC and Baltimore.
* Damn, I wish I had remembered to pack leave-in conditioner.
* They have teriyaki *everywhere.* We're lucky to get a Japanese restaurant as opposed to a Chinese place that also does sushi and pad thai. They have no shortage of thai places, and every strip mall has a Happy Teriyaki or similar place. Not that the food is better out there in general, they just get a lot more variety.
* Also, they have a fast food joint called Taco Time, which isn't remotely as bad as it sounds.
* For some reason, the road signs out there are illegible. The numbers are too small, and there's not nearly enough of them to catch your exit, presuming you can see the sign behind the branches.
* Also, no one out there can drive. And they sure like driving the speed limit. In the lane in front of me.
* 96.5 K-Rock, asides from their proclivity to play some Marley once an hour, is a damn fine radio station. Good mix of 80s, 90s and other odds and ends.
* Yes, Marley, because yes, the state is full of hippies. We have squirrels, they have hippies.
* Have I mentioned how the Space Needle is really tiny? It is.
* The rumors about Seattle-ites drinking a lot of coffee is, if anything, understated. Really. Competing chains almost every block. Roadside trailers. There was an espresso bar *in* the Cineplex Odeon. They're *crazy.*
* Per the above, they also all eat breakfast. It's like an option out here, if you have time. There, it's an artform.

[Warning: vaguely gross story ahead. Not Dayv/Prakriti gross, but still.]
The untold tale from the zoo trip. End of the day, we're getting tired, baby looks chilly, so we're heading out. We head through the Africa grasslands exhibit to look at the lions, and the African wild dogs.

It was the dogs that provided the high comedy. We got to *not only* observe one of the wild dogs throw up, but two or three of his pals rush over to eat it! Now, this took place over the course of a minute, so we had plenty of warning, but we couldn't look away. I cheered.

Dear Mr. Muvico,
Seattle drastically needs your help.
Love, me

Two different theaters. What they call stadium seating, we call the old Hoff's slanted floor. And curved screens! Yeesh. Bad A/C, etc.

SeaTac may be the worst airport ever. Either them or Delta sucks donkey balls, and Delta was fine everywhere else.

Movie on the way back was Whale Rider which still makes me cry. In the good way.

Atlanta airport seemed nice *at first.* We were just changing planes there, so I looked at the concourse map in the back of the Sky magazine, and yep, the gates were just two hallways away. A breeze.

Of course, the map was a *lie.* those weren't hallways, those were entire concourses. So we *ran* off the plane, took a *train* over to the next concourse, and *barely* got on the other plane in time.

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