PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Homeland Security, making our borders safer: author Ian McEwan denied entry to the United States.

Court-appointed investigator resigns and denounces Department of the Interior.

* ACLU sues government over the no-fly list.
* Whoah! A few private security guards repel a horde of Iraqi militia. Hope this story turns out to be true.
* China's birth control policies come to fruition, as it is set to become a nation of bachelor men. Good work guys.
* Scary chemical bomb plot in the UK foiled.
* Terror fight taken to... Nepal
* Courtesy Regent, Howard Kurtz on firefighters and McCain for VP.
* A Catholic celebrating Passover blesses atheists.
* US military considers reinforcements for Iraq, as the June 30th deadline looms closer.
* This just in: mercury isn't *that* bad for you. At least, according to the White House.
* Republican PAC to help elect minorities donates very little to, you know, the actual candidates.
* Library of Congress gets quite a present.
* Mayan art kicks ass.
* Nielsens encounter a new controversy with minority groups.

"For me, abortion is a personal issue — between the mother, father and doctor. Abortion is not a presidential matter."
-Barbara Bush

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