PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Something for your conservative friends:
President Bush: Flip-flopper-in-chief.

Maureen Dowd, on how Bush wants to pull us all into his delusions.

Bob Herbert asks, where did the workers' money go?

* Is this the Shiite uprising the administration has been afraid of?
* Key Bush initiatives stalled in Congress.
* Looking at Dr. Rice's background for clues to her pre-9/11 planning.
* No questions answered about Iraqi war crimes tribunal.
* Froomkin's ever-informative White House Briefing includes the White House science adviser's rebuttal of the UCS report.
* Disagreement over the utility of a lunar base.
* Is attention-deficit linked to TV watching at an early age? Evidence seems pretty slim, but...
* Looking to the genomes to see why chimps and people are different.
* Filming the HBO/BBC Rome.

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