PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

So, as I mentioned before, finally saw the new Dawn of the Dead while I was in Seattle.

The movie was good enough, I suppose, but really didn't bring anything new to the zombie-genre table. Really, just not as inventive as the original. Bonus points for the Johnny Cash song, though. Andy (the guy in the gun store) was by and large my favorite character.

My favorite game to play during the movie was guess the lookalike actor. I mean, the main girl was Uma Thurman, the main guy was Gabriel Byrne, easy. But bringing in mel Gibson to play the asshole yuppie? Brilliant!

Also, in-story, I would have liked to have seen some better looting. There must have been a leather-clothing store at the mall, and frankly, a leather coat and pants would not only help stop zombie-bites, but it'd be fashionable too. Also, hello, sporting goods store? Everything there is pretty much designed to help you run faster, hit something harder or prevent you from getting hit harder. That being said, they get an award for 'best use of a propane tank in a movie.'

And I am hoping this trend of fast zombies (instead of slow shuffling ones) is just a fad. However, we live in a fast-paced world, we might need fast-paced undead.

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