PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Side comments:

* How goofy has this week been? I brought the third edition of Shadowrun to read while on "vacation." At this moment, I am... just over 60 pages through it. Whoo!

* The souvenir I did not get anyone was the zookeeper action figure from the zoo store. Despite the fact that the zookeeper in question was, in fact, a janitor pushing a broom. A janitor action figure? Who thinks these things up?

* Yes, I'm still watching Kingdom Hospital, and it's bad, but it's fun. At least it's making a *little* more sense now.

* So bebe was wearing very sparkly shoes yesterday, and as mentioned I was carrying her around a lot of the day. (And yes, my back is paying the price today.) However, I made sure people took pictures of us, so they could see my... glittery pants! (Also< I woke up this morning and realized I had glitter under my fingernails. That jonk gets *everywhere.*) I shouldn't complain too much, though. RQ had no less than 42 bobbypins holding her hair creation up. When pictures are online, I will make sure to post linkz here.


Links for myself [and others if they are so inclined]:

* Hot newz, courtesy of castironskillet: Where has all the LSD gone?
* Drew Z. Greenberg interview
* Spandex vs. Leather: an essay on why both arguments over superhero costumes are wrong.

And, courtesy seth6666 - Wed 5/5 New Model Army - Ottobar (Baltimore) $10.00

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