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Karaoke: the Seattle edition

So, the one thing I wanted to do while we were out here was hit karaoke someplace. When I was informed there was a seven-nights-a-week karaoke bar near where RQ's sister used to live, then I was sold. RQ's sister drove us out there, and we met her friend "Colleen" there (who was a singer in a local band. Ringer!)

We hit there last night, and despite arriving very late, had a decent time. I got two songs in, so yay that (and yay my cohorts, for waiting for my #2, else I might have cried.) The bar itself was pretty decent setup. They had a dedicated stage area, which was nice and dark, however, the lighting setup they had occasionally had a bright light shining *right* where your face needed to be to read the karaoke telepromter. The crowd was tiny but supportive, a lot of them were karaoke professionals it seemed.

They had a nifty computer system. Two PCs hooked up to the telepromter, which also displayed on a giant wall screen. On the left of said screen, a list of who was up next in the rotation, which was relatively set in stone. You went through on the PC, put in your name, selected your song, and you were in the rotation. I have comments on the merits and flaws of this setup, but it was an interesting contrast. Having when you were up next, though, was a big benefit.

Slightly startled that the first three songs I heard were country, I put in "Suspicious Minds," because everyone loves The King. After that, I searched for songs that weren't in the catalog back home. Not too many of the ones I was hunting were there, but I hit a winner: the Smiths, "How Soon is Now?" Had I gone with my instincts then and there, I would have *kept* looking and seen, *yes*, they *did* have the Cure "Fascination Street." Ah well, next time I am on the left coast, I suppose. (Oh, and yes, they had the Pet Shop Boys, "It's a Sin.")

Oh, and the KJ, I should mention, was old and overweight, which would have been fine, if he also wasn't touchy-feely with everyone. Dude.

me: Elvis, "Suspicious Minds"
RQ and RQ's sister: Madonna, "LIke a Prayer"
Colleen, "Where Have All The Cowboys Gone?" (She won when she broke out a couple hand signals, like rocking an imaginary baby during part of it.)
RQ: Elvis, "Always On My Mind" (She tried this since they didn't have the Pet Shop Boys version, figuring, how different can they be?)
me: Smiths, "How Soon is Now?" (I don't mean to brag, but this was awesome.)

two goofy guys screwed up Outkast, "Hey Ya" but had fun doing it.
Heart, "Alone" (Damn, #1.)
Peggy Lee, "Fever" (Damn, #2.)
some girl that was exactly like Chen near us nailed "House of the RIsing Sun"
some guy who was a lot like TJ near us hit "Bad, Bad Leroy Brown"
the KJ did Bon Jovi's "I'll Be There For You" pretty damn well, I admit.
the unregulated hot chick who was up after me did something damn well too.
The chick from Damn, #1 above *then* went on to nail Jefferson Airplane's "Somebody to Love"
White Lion, "Wait" (!)

Needless to say, this has reinvigorated my karaoke genes, and when I get back home, will definitely start planning excursions to find us a new place.
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