PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

I rarely remember my dreams, so it's always notable(ish) when I do. Sleep schedule is still off because of the time difference. Let me append that. The *bebe's* sleep schedule is still off because of the trip, which means mine is as well.

First dream was pretty standard fare. Me and a lot of people (30ish) were trapped in an arcology, which was, of course, overrun with zombies. I spent a lot of time making makeshift weapons for people (I'm particularly proud of snapping the cutter part off a paper cutter.) The one I had was, uh, this half-circle sawblade, with a cross-action blade on it too. Many zombies were dismembered as we ran to this, uh, stadium-part of the arcology. Most people got killed, etc.

Second dream I don't remember as well. There was a brothel, or something like it. I was, I think, working there. Possibly as a spy for the crown, a la Brotherhood of the Wolf. Oh, and a lot of the girls were people from LiveJournal. No, dude, I don't pretend to understand these things either.

Today, hanging with RQ's family (possibly at le zoo) followed by RQ family dinner (while RQ dines with high school friends) and Seattle Karaoke (fingers crossed!)
Tags: not news, two-fisted tales
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