PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Seattle - day one, part two

I forgot to mention the rental car situation. Appears Orbitz didn't listen the first time, and gave us a two-door instead of a four-door. As we had like seven bags plus bebe and us, that wouldn't work. So they gave us... a small SUV (the Buick Rendezvous.) It's h00j, I tell you, h00j. Kinda nice otherwise, and plen-tee of room, but I wouldn't want to drive one all the time.

Bebe is getting used to the place, and the one friendly cat (Indy) that will tolerate her.

Picture-taking went well. Afterwards, we hit RQ's parents' house, then dinner at the, uh, Thai Palace, I believe is the name. It's about an hour and change from here to down there, so still run down. Now, a little Stargate. Tomorrow is all-bebe-day for me, so wish me luck.

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