PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

9/11 commission: White House still refuses to let Rice testify in public and under oath. Maybe there's a reason they don't want her testifying. Bob Herbert discusses the wrong war. David Ignatius asks, what wartime president? E. J. Dionne Jr. looks at the blame game.

Courtesy Dona Quixote, lets you see who is donating to which party. Very cool.

Also, the curious case of the British military cavers in Mexico.

* Two years later, Afghanistan remains a security nightmare.
* Is the new 'fetal harm' bill a subtle way of limiting reproductive rights? BBC asks the same question, but uses the word 'furore.'
* US Army suicides up in Iraq.
* Paul Krugman with the facts on Medicare projections.
* Bush's WMD joke wasn't that funny.
* Firsthand accounts from people who met bin Laden in person.
* Attention Shadowrunners: Israel unveils tiny, tiny drone planes.
* Nasca lines threatened.
* No link between abortion and breast cancer.
* Man, I wanna see this Byzantium art at the Met.
* The battle over picking and choosing cable channels.
* Russians bring back traditional pig racing.

A quick story which demonstrates why pro wrestling is awesome.

[Probably final news links post until after the Seattle trip.]

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