PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Last night was a delightful evening with Velvet. First, teh s00shee at Mandarin Delight (I had the Inner Harbor roll, to celebrate O Maryland Day.) Then, the clubbin'! Music wasn't quite up to par, which was a bit of a disappointment, but we both got some dancing in. Decent sized crowd, but not overly crowded, and definite fashion fun [Specifically: the anime long-coat couple, Dr. Freud, and, yes, Alice, not Bo Peep. I could do an entire post of the people we observed, including the Bradshaw.] Glad we got to hang out, hoping we can both make time in our goofy schedules to work it out again before too long. Also, Kermit knocked me over when he started his slam-dancing, like flat on my back, and it was kinda funny. In retrospect.

Tonight is a busket of laundry, chores, packing and the like for the flight tomorrow. Leave Saturday, come back late next Saturday. I will have some LJ access, and should have some e-mail access, but it'll of course be limited by time, etc. When I get back, there'll be like ten movies I need to see, not to mention the DVDs I picked up recently, so you're all on notice.

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