PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

I don't think I've mentioned here yet, tze bebe is climbing up the stairs now. It's very cute. She gets up there and tears up the pea patch. Also, she likes to shut doors, but occasionally forgets her hand is in the door jamb. I made a mistake over the weekend, though, when I tried to tire her out by having her climb up the stairs a bunch of times in a row. She kept doing it, and was tired, but unhappy, so maybe only once or twice next time.

Catching up...

Friday was a meeting for the Mage larp at Aztec's place (which, it turns out, is right on my drive home from work.) Meeting went very well, a fair chunk of the players are relatively excited.

Saturday, Warhammer fantasy mega-battle at Chez Magistrate. Big fun! Seven players, 8000 points per side. My mercenary Dogs of War teamed up with the vile Skaven and the vile-r Vampire Counts to take on the good guys. The game went remarkably smoothly, considering the size of the battle, how some of us hadn't played that game in years, etc. Still not my favorite minis game, but it's the people you play with, not the rules themselves.

Last night, Fuddruckers and cartoons avec JubJub. I confess, Kim Possible is relatively amusing. The theory was to rent a DVD, but the theory didn't work quite right. Oh, and I saw some fine, fine Muppet extras.

Now, some random links.

* Nathan Fillion advises bringing your own snacks to keep costs down on multiple viewings of the Firefly movie.

* Sayonara, karaoke.

* Did I mention that article I entered in the HCRealms contest? Anyone can vote!

* Here's a pic of HHH from his role in Blade 3.

And finally, the continued awesomeness of get your war on...

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